Mead is historically used in ritual offerings for consecration, which literally means “association with the sacred”.

Mead was referenced as containing hidden wisdom, all the intelligence of the world, and will make the drinker a great poet or sage.

The sacred drink was often referred to as materialized knowledge.


An herbal aphrodisiac wine.

Made with Damiana Leaves, Rose Petals, Ginger Root, Pomegranate Juice, & Vanilla Beans, traditionally known for evoking loving feelings.

– dry –
light and floral, complex and smooth
finishes crisp like a tart apple

Pairs well with light vegetarian meals, sushi, fish, and anything spicy. Wonderful as an aperitif with an assortment of cheeses. Makes a lively nourishing cocktail, too: just add gin and kombucha!


A blend of spices to incite abundance, luck and prosperity.

Made with Cinnamon Bark, Nutmeg Seed, Star Anise Seeds, Allspice Seeds, Mace Seeds, Ginger Root, & Clove Seeds

Excellent served with traditional wintry meals; ham, turkey or chicken. Warm and serve with apple pie.
For a great cocktail, add a shot of whiskey!

– dry –
earthy and woodsy, layers of spice
reminiscent of autumn harvests