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Alchemy Herbal Wine



Mead, also known as Honey Wine, is most likely the oldest alcoholic beverage, and is referenced in many ancient texts throughout the world. Mead could easily be made in nature. Imagine… a bee hive that is built in a tree, a bear discovers it and excitedly reaches in to eat the brood, spreading the contents everywhere, then the rain comes and mixes with the honey and the natural yeasts in the air and ferments over a few weeks and voilà! Mead.


Alchemy [ ăl′kə-mē ] is part science, part philosophy and often referenced as a holy science, referring to a process of transformation or transmutation. Simply put, alchemy is the art of transmuting base substances into Noble ones, including materials and spiritual substances. As a medieval form of chemistry, alchemy aims to transmute base metals, like lead into gold and to prepare potions that give eternal youth, called the Elixir of Life. Alchemy can also refer to inner transformation; freeing oneself from fears, habits or beliefs that are no longer useful, one can transform the dark (lead) into light (gold), and live with more awareness and capacity to be the greatest/healthiest/Noblest version of oneself


Alchemy Herbal Wine

Alchemy Herbal Wine is technically a metheglin which is a dry herbal mead made from fermenting honey. Alchemy wines are made with a unique and intentional blend of plant medicines. Our herbal wine is considered by some to be an herbal tonic: one that helps to restore, tone and invigorate systems in the body and promotes a general sense of well-being. Just as in physical fermentation, where billions or trillions of microbes are changing the basic nature of a substance underneath the surface, likewise, the sense of Self is being transformed. We are excited and committed to making high quality meads, utilizing local, seasonal, organic, wild-crafted, or natural honey, fruits, herbs, roots, and barks that offer our drinkers a healthy beverage with a buzz!